Angels for Kids Kathy Sheehan

Angels for Kids Kathy Sheehan

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Angels For Kids is an empowering book for parents to read to their children. It teaches young children about Angels who are always there for them, and that love from an Angel is unconditional. All they have to do to receive help from their Angels is simply to ask for it.

Each and every one of us has Guardian Angels who love us and help whenever we ask for help. They guide us with pictures in our imagination, they talk to us and make us feel safe and loved.

In this empowering book, Kathy Sheehan answers many of the questions curious young children ask about Angels:

  • Who are angels?
  • How can I ask for help?
  • Who can Angels help me?
  • If I do something wrong, will my Angels still love me?
  • Who is my Guardian Angel?


It is very exciting that we live in a time when Angels are accepted. With parent’s support and the help of Angels For Kids, young children will learn to gain access to this loving guidance for the rest of their lives.