Beginning Meditation Sally Kempton

Beginning Meditation Sally Kempton

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Welcome to a Rendezvous with Your Innermost Self

What if you turned to meditation for the sheer enjoyment of it? That may sound unlikely, but when we approach the practice with playfulness, receptivity, and excitement, meditation can become one of the most intimate and fulfilling relationships we will ever have.

On Beginning Meditation, master teacher Sally Kempton welcomes newcomers to a practice based on embracing the fullness of our experience—and reconnecting with the love, compassion, and wisdom that we are in our essence.

Beginning Meditation gives you a richly informative program for a rendezvous with your innermost self, through insights and techniques including:

  • How to choose a core practice that will become your meditation home base
  • The key principles of practice—and their inherent paradoxes
  • How to experiment with other techniques—and ultimately transcend technique entirely
  • Six guided meditations to support your evolving practice

“Meditation is a journey,” says Kempton, “and the secret is to stay on the map.” Beginning Meditation offers a struggle-free way to create a practice infused with love and fueled by the spirit of adventure.