Fire Agate Crystal Sphere

Fire Agate Crystal Sphere

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Fire Agate, has been known as the spiritual flame of absolute perfection. It carries a great mystery locked inside its deep brown crystal. You need only touch the stone and fiery embers ignite. Peer into its depths and flames leap within its chambers. Study it closely and it will almost show you its secrets. 

Historically, Fire Agate was used in alchemy because it was believed to contain the essence of fire. In many traditions sacred to fire deities, it encouraged timid adults and shy children to speak up and not be ignored or bullied. It is a stone of integrity, encouraging high standards of behaviour in self and others, and promotes passion in love and in life. [Eason, 69]

From the Metaphysical perspective, Agate has a lower intensity and vibrates at a slower frequency than other stones. While still being highly regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence. Fire Agate provides steady, vibrant energy that stimulates a joy for life. It awakens the lower chakras and lights the inner fires of Life Force, creativity, sexuality and will. It brings back to focus the Divine blueprint of one's life purpose and increases the pleasures in everyday life.


Approx 8cm