Jewels of Atum Ra - Bast - Love and Happiness

Jewels of Atum Ra - Bast - Love and Happiness

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Bast Ancient Egyptian Amulets.

Finished in Gold & Silver & Enhanced with Swarovski Crystals.
Jewels of the Atum RA, are said to hold the key to sacred truths and eternal wisdom.

Bast Amulet – Love & Happiness
Figures of Cats were offered to the sun goddess Bast at her
temple at Bubastis to receive her blessings as mistress of music,
dance, pleasure and love.

Bast, the female form of the Sun god represents our relationship to the suns life sustaining energy in a sense of pleasure and enjoyment.

The cat was seen to be most sensitive to the nature of the sun and therefore to the nature of Bast herself.