Lady Justice - Goddess of Justice and Law - Cold-Cast Bronze

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Material: Cold Cast Bronze

Measurement: 31cm(H) x 8cm(W) x 8cm(D)

Goddess Justitia can be seen carrying the three symbols of justice: The Sword, The Scales and The Blindfold.

The Sword represents the power and supremacy of law. It not only makes sure that the citizens abide the law, but also symbolises the element of punishment that is granted to the one who dares to violate the letter and spirit of law.

The Scales are the symbol of analysis and scrutiny. Goddess Justica, not only weighs both the sides, but also decides the validity of a lawsuit by measuring the sides on the balance scale of justice. The Scale also ensures that justice is to be imparted not in haste but in a proper manner, taking into consideration the spirit of the law.

The Blindfold, that was first seen on Lady Justice in the 14th century A.D. has now become a synonymous with Lady Justice. The Blindfold symbolises the impartial and indiscriminate nature of law and justice.

Be it rich or poor, man or woman, elder or child, Lady Justice makes sure that no one is denied justice and hence upholds the Law and Justice in the society.