Rainbow Rose Worry Pet - Amethyst

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Rainbow Rose
Crystal: Amethyst
Whatever you need, Rainbow Rose assists you - staying calm & centred or alert & focused. You’ll feel safe & protected & your energy will be cleansed & clear.

"I am always safe and protected, all is well".

Our Worry Pets have been lovingly hand-crafted with exceptional quality and attention to detail.  Each Worry Pet comes with their own name, positive affirmation and individually programmed crystal inside.  The sensory experience of fabric texture, filling and crystal will comfort and entertain children and adults alike.  The Worry Pets aren’t toys - they are unique characters with a purpose. Each pet has been created to have a lasting positive influence on their new carers.  May you find your new friend here and let them take care of your worries from now on.

Please note: Due to the hand-made nature each worry pet make have slightly different colour tones. Message us if you would prefer more of one colour.

WARNING: This is not a toy. Not suitable for children aged 5 years or younger - possible choking hazards and small parts.