Our Healers and Readers

Our Healers and Readers


$50 - 30 Minutes - $88 - 1 Hour

Types of services available:

Reiki, Ashati and Crystal Energetic Healing


Katie is a natural healing intuitive who connects to  the Angels and Guides and channels their divine energy through healings. She is a certified Angelic Reiki and Ashati practitioner.  Working primarily through claircognizance, clairempathy and clairsentience, Katie receives guidance through a sense of knowing, connecting to others emotions and through physical feeling.

Katie loves being able to share knowledge and healing energy to all who are open and ready.

Available by appointment only


Marly Psychic Healer


$77 - 1 Hour Reading

$88 - 1 Hour Energetic Healing Therapy


Types of Services available:

Life Path Psychic readings

Connection to angels, guides and loved ones 

Energy healing for body auric balance

Marly has studied many healing modalities on her development path – Reiki Master, Advanced Diploma of Metaphysics, Brandon Bays Journeys, Reconnection and South American Spiritism. She connects to the cosmic consciousness and works with “The Art of Love Tarot” to receive messages and guidance and address issues in the here and now.


More than just a card reading , Marly offers connection to your guides and passed loved ones who often come forward with divine wisdom, guidance and clarity. Energy sessions flow from a deep auric connection, opening and releasing tensions through time and dimensions.


Available Wednesday, Friday, Saturday




$60 - 30 Minutes

Types of services available:
Psychic, medium, author and teacher

In your reading Donna will cover everything - love, career, health as she makes contact with your loved ones or guides on the other side.

All of Donna’s connections and messages come from family, friends and guides, everyone who watches over you. Giving a little feedback through the reading helps with confirmation and your loved ones will then become quite chatty.

You can ask for the person you wish to hear from, request cards and if you feel like you don’t know anyone who has passed, don’t worry you will not be short of messages and predictions.

Donna has lifelong experience, as a Trance Medium, teaches, is a member of PTV and does live shows around Australia. She is highly recommended in Australia, the USA, the UK and New Zealand.

Available Thursdays

Elisa Greenfield Celebrity Psychic Medium


Elisa Greenfield - Celebrity Psychic Medium

$100 - 30 Minutes $150 - 45 Minutes $200 - 1 Hour
Types of Services available:
Psychic Parties
Angel Cards
Elisa has been doing readings for 12 years and is well known locally as well as internationally, appearing on Psychic TV. She has read on radio stations such as C91.3, 2SM Breakfast show, 98.9 Northwest and 96.5 Inner FM Melbourne.
The best and most rewarding part of Elisa’s gift is that she can help connect to loved ones that are no longer with us and provide direction, insight, closure, hope, faith and belief to her clients. This enables them to move forward with a more positive perspective, strength and courage needed to help heal and light their way again.

Available Tuesdays


$50 - 30 Minutes - $88 - 1 Hour

Types of services available:

Psychic and intuitive tarot and oracle readings with a cup of herbal tea, specially blended for you. Includes a take-home herbal tea bag. 

Connections through claircognizance (knowing), clairsentience (feeling), and spirit.

Marta’s readings often focus on individualised self-care practises and important insights into relationships, allowing her clients to feel seen, understood and empowered in their decision making. Divine guidance advises her use of a variety of methods in her readings to identify the most likely paths/timelines in her client’s lives - sessions involve tarot and oracle readings and may include mediumship and/or scrying with crystals or water.

By appointment Sundays



$125 - 1-1.25 Hour Healing

Types of services available:
Kinesiology - Mind, Body & Soul Healing

Alex has studied many healing modalities on her development path and will use her intuition to select which tools are best for your unique healing experience: 

Kinesiology - Touch for Health, Basic Kinesiology Protocol (BKP), Resolve, NeuroTraining + more

Life & Spiritual Coaching

Reiki energy healing

Meditation / Visualisation

Alex’s aim is to support you in achieving insights that will not only help you to heal, but also help you to transform. She will always support you with Love as this is essential for healing and transformation. 

Available Monday and Sunday