Fidelity Manifesting Spell Kit

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We all have the power within ourselves to manifest that which we need but sometimes we need a little bit of help to get us on the right path. Our kit can help assist you to manifest your deepest desires with the helpful power of candles, crystals, oils and herbs.

Each Kit Includes:

1 x Wish Candle
1 x Paper Scroll
1 x Coloured Pencil
1 x Specific Crystal
1 x Charcoal Disc
1 x Anointing Oil
1 x Herb Blend
1 x Instructions

*You will require a heat-safe surface and/or container to burn the candle and charcoal disc. For the charcoal disc just add sand to the bottom of the container*

Other Available Manifesting Kits:

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Yellow - Money Drawing
Red - Courage
Brown - Material Protection
Hot Pink - Love
Light Green - New Beginnings
Dark Green - Good Luck
Light Blue - Psychic Powers
Dark Blue - Prophetic Dreams
Purple - Spiritual Protection
Black - Hex Breaking