Archangel Uriel Herb and Crystal Infused Soy Candle

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Archangel Uriel is known as the angel of transformation, tranquillity and 'God's light'.

"Uriel illuminates situations and gives prophetic information and warnings. He has also been credited with bringing the knowledge and practice of alchemy to humankind. Uriel is regarded as one of the wisest archangels. He is very much like an old sage whom you can call upon for intellectual information, practical solutions and creative insight. Uriel is considered to be an archangel who helps with earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disasters and earth changes. Call upon Archangel Uriel to avert such events, or to heal and recover in the aftermath.

Since Uriel has so many talents and can help in so many areas of life, it's a good idea to call upon him regularly. Think of him as a mentor who can oversee life lessons. One of the greatest ways in which Uriel helps us is by giving us additional information so that we can make informed decisions. Uriel energy isn't as distinct as that of other angels and you may not even realise Uriel has come to answer you until you notice a brilliant new idea that's entered your mind.

Helps with:
- Alchemy
- Divine magic
- Earth changes
- Spiritual understanding
- Studies, tests and students
- Transformation
- Tranquility
- Weather
- Writing

Information from the book - Archangels and Ascended Masters - A Guide to Working and Healing with Divinities and Deities

Fragranced with the scent of the seaside and offering notes of sea salt, sage & oud with driftwood, fresh sea air and fir needle.

- Hand-poured in Picton
- Herb and Garnet infused
- Our jar candles feature an elegant white glass and timber design
- Clean burning with lead-free cotton wicks
- Lovingly charged with Reiki
- Connect with the energy you need
- 100% natural wax, derived from plant-based sources

Never leave a candle burning unattended
Always burn on a heat-safe surface
Always keep candles 1m away from flammable materials
Small herbs may catch alight