Cinnamon - Banjara Smudge Incense

Cinnamon - Banjara Smudge Incense

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Incense sticks. 15g

Cinnamon is a spice that has been used as an ingredient throughout history, dating back as far as Ancient Egypt. It used to be rare and valuable and was regarded as a gift fit for kings. It’s also associated with passion, lust, and sexual desire, which makes it good for lust spells, aphrodisiac spells, but the thing that really sets it apart is cinnamon is really good at raising energy. If you’re trying to raise energy, this is the incense you want to burn.

A Smudging Prayer

I release all energies that are no longer in service to my greatest good.
I ask that only love, light, health, wealth, happiness and abundance fill my space
And so it is.