Gus Fink Gooli Bag Backpack - Skellbo

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  • Cute and quirky plush Skellbo backpack designed by artist Gus Fink
  • Made from soft short plush fabric with zip closure
  • Soft plush at shoulders with adjustable black straps
  • 200(L) x 150(W) x 400(H) mm
  • Gus Fink is known for his unique cute and creepy art. He believes everyone should embrace their weird and dark side! His art combines this with childlike charm, infusing it with light - like Skellbo! He has fluffy grey fur with big pointy ears, giant purple eyes, a wide toothy grin, a bone on his belly, and exposed ribs. Plus, it's a backpack! Adorable with a touch of eerie, perfect for cuddles and carrying your goodies!