Hay House Basics: Lucid Dreaming - Charlie Morley

Hay House Basics: Lucid Dreaming - Charlie Morley

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Learn how to become conscious in your dreams, and improve your waking life as a result!

Lucid Dreaming is an exciting new book that explores the ‘Why? How? Wow!’ of waking up to life by becoming conscious in your dreams. This book contains:

a host of tips and techniques for becoming lucid in your dreams holistic and spiritual benefits of living a more awakened life amazing, real-life case studies contributions from the world’s leading lucid dreaming experts learning modules designed to help you wake up to your full potential!

Hay House Basics is a new series that features world-class experts sharing their knowledge on the topics that matter most for improving your life. If you want to learn a new skill that will enhance your wellbeing, Hay House Basics guarantees practical, targeted wisdom that will give you results!

About the Author

Charlie Morley is a Lucid Dreaming teacher and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. He specializes in the use of both Western scientific and Tibetan Buddhist dream practices, aiming to bring mindful awareness into all stages of dream, sleep and waking life. He is the co-creator of a new holistic approach to conscious sleeping and lucid dreaming called "Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep". This new approach includes practices which aim to help us sleep better, dream more lucidly and wake up with more awareness, clarity and joy!