Jewels of Atum Ra - Isis - Magical Inspiration

Jewels of Atum Ra - Isis - Magical Inspiration

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Isis Amulet – Magical Inspiration

Winged Isis lady of heaven, sacred power, knowledge of the magical arts. Isis was the consort of Osiris and mother to Horus.
The oldest continuing esoteric cult in history belongs to Isis whose devotion is sustained into the present day.
Isis, goddess of love and magic, the two are of course completely intertwined – high magic can not be performed
in the absence of love and union of the earth and heaven. Isis represents the bridge of love between the two.

From the Jewels of Atum Ra Collection

Size: 3.5cm x 5.4cm.
Ornamented with Blue Swarovski Crystal.
Comes with Chain and presentation box.