Kind Awareness: Guided Meditations for an Inner Revolution - Noah Levine

Kind Awareness: Guided Meditations for an Inner Revolution - Noah Levine

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Kindness—A Gentle Revolution Against the Causes of Suffering

When faced with the injustice and suffering of the world, Noah Levine rebelled by getting angry—even though his bitterness almost led to his self-destruction through drugs and violence. What changed? “I discovered the greatest rebellion of all is an inner revolution fueled not by rage,” says Levine, “but by deep and pervading kindness.” With Kind Awareness, Levine shares foundational Buddhist practices and personal insights from his own journey to help you cultivate your innate potential for wisdom and compassion. In these two intimate audio sessions, Levine invites you to discover:

  • Mindfulness—the Buddha’s revolutionary practice for meeting reality with an open, non-judgmental heart
  • Kind awareness—making generosity and compassion our first, instinctive response to any situation
  • Forgiveness and lovingkindness—integrating these essential qualities into your meditation practice and everyday life
  • Precise meditation instruction and expert guidance for beginners and experienced practitioners

“I once thought that meditation was for happy people trying to be happier,” says Noah Levine. “I now realize that it is also for those of us blessed with a sense of dissatisfaction for the status quo.” With Kind Awareness, this exceptional teacher invites you discover how revolutionary it can be to meet an imperfect world with a sense of kindness—so we can transform our passion into a meaningful force for good.

Course objectives:

  • Define the foundations of mindfulness as taught by the Buddha as a way to bring awareness to present time experience.
  • Discuss how kindness gives us the appropriate response within pleasant, unpleasant and neutral experience.
  • Discuss how everything is impermanent, how a life of running from pain is a dead end, and how the Buddha showed us a path of rebellion and revolution through kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.
  • Utilize guided meditation practices that cultivate inner happiness through the inner revolution of finding ways of being at ease—living a life of integrity and wisdom, based on awareness and kindness.