Magicians, Martyrs & Madmen Tarot

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Magicians, Martyrs & Madmen Tarot is an 80-card deck that celebrates macabre and miraculous people from throughout history. This deck can be used to connect with the strange, sensual and spiritual figures who have shaped our world with their magic.

Travis McHenry has created this deck to reveal the deeper meaning of the tarot through the deeds – and misdeeds! – of witches, murderers, saints, cannibals and prophets. Like it or not, these are the people who helped build the mind/body/spirit community and there is so much more we have to learn from them!

Each card features the original artwork of a magician, martyr, or mad person from the past who had a connection with spirituality or occult practices. 

These original paintings were created by Venezuelan artist Christin Gottberg, and they capture the essence of the person on the card and the meaning behind the tarot card itself.

The deck strives to be inclusive of all genders, races, cultures, ages, body types and sexualities by featuring personalities from various places and differing times. You'll find magic workers from almost every continent, so there's sure to be somebody in the deck who resonates with you!

For every famous face here, such as Aleister Crowley or Marie Laveau, you'll be delighted to discover an equal number of obscure magic workers such as African magician Ngongo Lutete and English psychic medium Helen Duncan.