The Little Book for Crystal Lovers - Astrid Carvel

The Little Book for Crystal Lovers - Astrid Carvel

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Curate the ultimate crystal collection and bring harmony to mind, body and spirit with this modern guide to these enchanting stones

They're striking, and precious and have long been prized for their beauty, but have you ever tapped into the extraordinary magic of crystals?

The grand powers attributed to these little stones are infinite, and this book is here to help enhance your everyday life by revealing the practical and spiritual benefits each crystal has to offer. Crystals can bring positivity and prosperity into your life, and the easy-to-follow information in this book offers guidance on choosing the right crystal for your needs and harnessing their awesome healing energies.

This is the ideal guide for ardent and aspiring crystal lovers alike. Discover how to make the most of your collection with simple tips on the best methods of cleansing, charging and storing your crystals. Featuring detailed crystal profiles with key information on dozens of stones from their identifiable features to their unique energies these pages contain everything you need to know to feel the full force of these natural treasures.