Wishcraft - Sakura Fox

Wishcraft - Sakura Fox

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Wishcraft: A Complete Beginner's Guide to Magickal Manifesting for the Modern Witch

Interested in witchcraft but don’t know where to start? Wishing for things that never seem to come true? It’s time to mix magick with manifesting to turn wishes into reality with a few simple spells.

Wishcraft is an ancient practice of ‘Witching’, and a contemporary way of manifesting for those of us who don’t have the time or resources to spend hours performing complex magick rituals. Wishcraft requires nothing but a candle and a crystal; it’s simple, relaxing, easy and fun, and anyone can do it.

Within this book, you’ll find spells, rituals and recipes to solve common problems, such as:

  • financial issues: manifest more money, free yourself of debt and attract abundance
  • health & happiness: learn to appreciate yourself, cultivate a kinder attitude and practise self-forgiveness
  • relationships: revamp your love life, dispel negativity after an argument, honour your friends and bless your family
  • success: pass an exam or test, manifest the fruits of your labour, become confident and manifest cool new projects and more!