How to use White Sage to Cleanse your Environment and Self

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White Sage Smudge Stick Lighter Burning

How to use White Sage to Cleanse your Environment and Self

Smudging is a tradition that dates back 1000’s of years. Originally herbs and resins were placed in sacred bowls and burnt over smouldering coals. By calling upon the spirits of the sacred plants this was believed to drive away negative energy and to restore balance.


Ensure you have everything you need. Place a layer of sand or salt in the Abalone shell to catch any embers and help protect the natural iridescence. Open all internal and external doors and windows. (For a more intensive cleanse, you may wish to open all cupboards and draws.)

Setting Intention:

As you light the end of the smudge wand or palo santo you may feel guided to say a prayer or blessing. Focus your energy and intent on clearing out any energies that are no longer beneficial and ask that they be transmuted into love and light. Light the end of the smudge wand or palo santo allowing it to catch alight before blowing out the flame, just like you would with incense.

Cleanse Yourself:

It is a good idea to cleanse yourself before cleansing your space. To do this, direct the smoke around your energy field visualising yourself being enveloped by a brilliant white light.

Moving throughout the space:

Starting in a back corner of the space begin working your way around each room. Moving in a clockwise direction where possible, use your feather to waft the smoke into the corners and hard to reach spaces. Pay attention to the way to smoke acts and how you feel. Staying a little be longer when you feel guided or the smoke is denser.


Once you have finished, go outside via the front exit. Thank the energies for their assistance. Place the smouldering end in the sand or salt in the shell. Wait until you are certain it has completely extinguished then bury the sand and ash returning them to earth. Wipe off your shell and store in a safe place for next time.


How often is completely up to you, trust yourself. Usually, you will begin to notice when your house starts to feel uncomfortable. Look out for when you or anyone else in the house is constantly depressed, giving off negative energy or when a guest with negative energy comes in to your home.
Smudging is not only for the home! You can cleanse objects, people, cars, your workplace or other spaces. If you feel guided to do things differently that is completely okay. After smudging a few times you will begin to have your own methods that feel right for you individually.
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